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Thousands of users already boost their business with our friendly CRM.


Organize and retrieve everything
easily via your contacts

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Stop searching, centralize.
Never forget a customer.


It's no longer about scattered information and files in your eMail box, your Excel files or external social networks. Now, Nelis organizes all your data. You simply find it from your company address book.


Work faster

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Automate yours tasks,
organize your process

To get rid of paperwork and because your time is precious, Nelis structures your ongoing treatments and speeds up your daily work by adapting intelligently to what you are doing.

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Avoid internal emails and meetings,
communicate daily

Enjoy new ways of communication that you like directly from your Nelis app and go to work real time. Draw your coworkers' attention where and when it is necessary with integrated comments and notifications.

More than 91% of success with Nelis

It's you who talk about it best.

Nelis is an ergonomic customer relationship tool, very fitting for unsophisticated users!
Quality Manager, Les Pôles
Congratulations for your Social CRM, you make other solutions look old-fashioned!
Co-founder, CEO, KnowledgeConsult
Nelis is stirring for simplicity. It allows to combine business with pleasure, and facilitates collaborative work.
Stephane VIDAL
Founder, WeezBi
Nelis is for us a strategic tool for communication and customer loyalty. With this integrated solution, we offer many internet services and improve our image every day.
Jean-Christophe RUSSIER
CEO, Co-Founder, Orchestra Software
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Our plans are all-in-one and scalable for all. You will save money!

Prices per month
per user
1000 contacts
10 custom fields
1 access level
for all users
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited custom fields
Unlimited access levels

Price are given for a one year subscription.

       Easy payment for the quarter or semester are available on request, subject to management fees.

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The answer is YES !

  • Can I test for free Nelis CRM? Now online?
  • Is the hosting included? What about the material updates? The software updates?
  • Can I pay the quarter, semester, year?
  • Does Nelis work on Mac? PC? Linux?
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time after the first year ?
  • Is data mine? Is it secure? Confidential? Backed up?
  • Do you have a mobile application that can be used offline, for Android? iPhone?
  • Can I sync with Outlook? GMail?
  • Should I buy credits separately for emailing campaigns?
  • Can I call you if I have special needs?
  • Can I come at your office in France to share cheeses and good wines with your team?
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Get more features

Activate additionnal modules you need or connect your favorite ones.

Sales and leads
Follow your leads, never forget a customer and analyse your performance with this easy module.
eMail campaigns
Perform simply emailing campaigns and get clear statistics.
* Emails are acquired separately.
Viadeo Sync
Allow your users to easily import their contact from Viadeo in the company address book.
Google GMail Sync
Allow users to find emails sent via Nelis in their GMail box.
Google Calendar Sync
Synchronise your Nelis Calendar with your Google account.
Google Contact Sync
Allow your coworkers to synchronize their Nelis contacts with their Google Contact account and their Android phone.
Mailjet Sync
The power of MailJet to ensure the best email delivery and tracking for your email campaigns.
Outlook Add-on
Integrate your emails in one click to your CRM, share your contacts as a team and see directly into your Outlook important information from Nelis.
Add estimates and invoices directly from your Nelis CRM. Requires an iScriba account.
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Nelis, easier teamwork and communication.

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